Tax Services

It is with a hands on approach that our tax team tackles the crucial issues affecting your institution.

Here is a small list of the tax services we offer:

Federal Income Tax

  • Completion of Federal Form 1120 and all related schedules
  • Calculation of annual bad debt deduction
  • Completion of Federal Form 3115

Quarterly Tax Planning

  • Calculation of quarterly federal income tax estimated payments
  • Estimation of tax provisions and deferred taxes for Call Reports or Board reporting
  • Management meetings to explore tax implications on transactions, deferring applicable taxes and maximizing net income through the use of tax free income

Specific Tax Strategies

  • Maximizing bad debt deductions
  • Maximizing tax exempt income
  • Life insurance strategies

Research Assistance

  • Comparison of various tax opportunities
  • Explanation of IRS code sections
  • Explanation of various State tax code sections